swampblossom: (miho)
swampblossom ([personal profile] swampblossom) wrote2012-11-02 12:56 am

First post

Same Kate, one of the last rats of the sinking ship. (I'll still maintain the old account, but everyone seems to be moving.) Maybe I'll keep up with things better here.

What have I done lately? Gone stereotypically girly in the 'needlepoint good, crochet better' kind of way. Been a veteran's wife. Have I mentioned the size of my dog? Well, he's about 160 pounds at eighteen months, and we just got the fence replaced *because he was jumping it and running away to have adventures.* (The other dog is just a large golden retriever who can't jump the fence and comes when she's called.)

But yes. Howard, dog dog dog dog, fun with yarn. I've sworn off video games until Square makes a game that doesn't kick me in the face, or until I break down and buy Bayonetta (or replace the cord on my Triforce pendant, because Skyward Sword is still kicking my ass and I need a good-luck charm.)

Now let's see how the importing goes. (And no, I don't have a tumblr and twitter has sat unused for years because it's too public. FB is all too active, however.)